Doctor Finds Hundreds of Mites on Patient

May 29, 2018


After coming back from a long holiday weekend I came across an article from  The article stated that a Doctor in China found hundreds of mites on a patients eyelids.  The patient, Ms. Xu , told Doctors she had suffered from itching, crusty, and inflamed eyes for over two years.  She treated these symptoms with over the counter drops and didn't think it was a big deal.  It wasn't until she woke up one day with crusty lids that were sticking together that she went to the Doctors.  


We have discussed this subject before in our March 2018 blog , but as a reminder these tiny critters called demodex go about their lives, eating, secreting, and reproducing, literally right under our noses. Most of the time we give this little thought – or at least we try NOT to think about it. When these critters get out of control, however, and you start dealing with increasingly severe symptoms of irritation, as in Ms. Xu’s case, it is time to take action.


Overpopulation of mites to the point where they start causing irritation and even damage is called demodecosis. This in turn can trigger a local inflammatory reaction and a host of related eye and skin disorders. It is now thought that demodecosis actually causes or contributes to a significant number of cases of dry eye disease, rosacea, blepharitis, and dermatitis.


The best way to treat demodex is clean your eye lids with lid wipes or lid scrubs everyday.  When you are not having symptoms a mild lid cleanser like blink wipes will do the trick.  When symptoms do flare up Cliradex lid wipes and foam are recommended.  

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